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China is Open for Business ¨C Singles¡¯ Day, November 11

Source:Melissa O¡¯Malley, Director, Global Merchant and Cross-Border Initiatives, PayPal | Date:2015/11/11 | Visits£º
 China’s Singles’ Day, on November 11, is an excellent entry-point to reach these new customers. For those unfamiliar, Singles’ Day is a relatively new ecommerce holiday in China – one that drove more than $9b in sales last year, more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.
Wondering what products to market to Chinese cross-border shoppers? These consumers look to U.S. retailers for a broad range of products, with average spend per purchase in the top three categories reported as clothing ($485), electronics ($1,229) and cosmetics ($512).
For merchants that need to scale up quickly, consider options like PayPal’s borderless shopping portal, which enables global merchants from outside China to showcase discounts and deals to Chinese consumers.
There’s never been a more exciting opportunity for U.S. businesses to consider China as a key investment for increasing global online sales. With Singles’ Day on the horizon and billions of sales on the line, now is the time to take advantage.
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