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Operation and Finance
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Operation and Finance

1 Would PayTech e-Commerce payment acceptance services affect the speed of my web site?
No. There are many factors that could affect the speed of a web site, like the power of the host server, quantity and size of images in the site, search methods and so on.

2 How does my web site feed the information from our shopping cart to your payment page, and vice versa?
When a customer places an order at PayTech merchant's web site and selects the payment method, the customer will be redirected to our secure payment page for payment processing. All necessary parameters (e.g. transaction amount, order reference number, customer name) will be carried forward to the secure payment page at the same time. When the payment is processed, the results (either successful or failed) will be shown to the customer in another web page. Such information will also be fed to the designated web page of the merchant. for more sophisticated post-payment processing.

3 Does the payment result that PayTech shows to the customer and the merchant also include information about items purchased by the customer?
In general, we do not handle information other than the parameters necessary for transaction processing. Parameters such as items purchased, model numbers, quantities, shipment addresses and so on, do not fall into this category. Basically merchants may refer to shopping carts for such information. Meanwhile, bundled services will be available to meet specific business needs.

4 How can I obtain technical support from PayTech on my merchant account?
Please email us at

5 What is the lower limit per payment for PayTech eCommerce?
Basically we accept payments of any amount. We also handle special business needs of merchants on a case-by-case basis.

6 How long does it take for a payment to be processed, and what happens after the processing is complete?
When a customer pays with a credit card, details of the payment is passed to the bank for processing, which is completed in seconds. The result appears on the customer's web browser, and is passed to the merchant's site. Furthermore, the merchant may log in the PayTech Merchant Administration site any time to view the status of the payment and access hosts of other functions such as real-time void, refund,¡Ketc.. In any case, a summary of the payment is sent to the customer by email upon payment confirmation.

7 How can a merchant check the status of the payments?
PayTech merchants may log in PayTech Merchant Administration site any time, and access various online reporting tools to track the credit card payment transactions and even download the report for accounting purpose. Please click here for a live demonstration of the merchant administration interface.

8 Is there a limit on the amount of payment for PayTech e-Commerce merchants for each transaction or month?
Each PayTech merchants is entitled to accept payments from customers up to predetermined daily, monthly and per-transaction limits, which are different between merchants. Such limits are subject to adjustments according to business volumes, chargeback records and so on.

9 How does a merchant handle refund to a customer? What are the charges?
The availability of refund service depends on the service plan.
· PayTech e-Commerce merchants should submit a completed "Refund Requisition Form" to us, stating details of the transaction to be refunded. Refund charges will be applied to merchants.
· PayTech e-Commerce own-merchant-account customers should raise refund requests directly to our partner bank.
In any case, we monitor refund activity of merchants very closely. We are particularly concerned with excessive refunds since such may mean unsatisfactory service level (like late delivery or stock shortage).
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