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Content Policy
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Content Policy

 This Content Policy is intended to ensure overall service quality and a positive user experience and compliance with applicable guidelines, laws and regulations. Processing transactions through the PayTech service must adhere to this policy and you are expected to cooperate with PayTech in solving related issues. PayTech reserves the right to expand or edit this policy at any time and without prior notice and will also exercise its sole discretion in the interpretation and enforcement of this policy. Other products/services not listed below may also be prohibited.
Prohibited Product Categories:
   Academic paper-writing and test-taking services
   Adult goods and services, promote young models services, Escort
   Alcohol and food
   Body parts
   Brand names without explicit documentation/authorization
   Bulk marketing tools
   Business administrative services
   Cable descramblers and black boxes
   Contest services
   Copyright unlocking devices or techniques, hacking and cracking materials
   Counterfeit and unauthorized goods
   Download managers, offering search and download of mp3s, movies, any kind of copyrighted content
   Drugs, drug paraphernalia, prescription drugs or pharmacies and drug test circumvention aids, food and dietary supplements
   File-sharing – upload, download and share copyright content
   Financial products / services, securities, stored value, payment processing and wholesale currency
   Fund solicitations
   Government IDs or documents
   Live animals and plants including endangered species
   Money-making schemes
   Offensive goods or crime related goods
   PC support services
   Precious materials
   Prepaid Cards
   Protected cultural items
   Pyrotechnic devices and hazardous materials, weapons
   Regulated goods
   Third party agencies
   Tickets (events)
   Timeshare properties, travel services
   Tobacco and cigarettes
   Traffic devices
   Unauthorized sale of copyrighted media
   Unauthorized sale of copyrighted software
You are solely and completely responsible for verifying that all items you sell are authentic, legal and not included in the above mentioned list. Breach of this policy may subject you to service suspension and other remedies available to the service providers by law or contract, all without prior notice.
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