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 Hotel Reservation Management System (HRMS) Integrated Real-Time Reservation and Payment Processing PlatformHRMS is an integrated, cost-effective and comprehensive web based hotel reservation and payment processing platform designed for hotels to accept and manage reservation and payments online ANYTIME ANYWHERE.
With minimal integration, HRMS provides an Online Booking Engine with a full featured Reservation Management System to manage online reservation with choice of accepting full payment, partial deposit or reservation guarantee to secure reservation of guests online real-time.


  Multi-Lingual UI Support: English, Thai
  Integrated and Comprehensive system: a one-stop hotel and payment processing platform
  User friendly navigation: from searching for a room to making an reservation
  Real-time report maintenance: on you daily sales, room occupancy and promotion
  Powerful user administration: for different operations and service user groups across multi-currency handling
  Seamless integration: with existing hotel websites for online reservation and multi-currency payment processing


  Open doors to guests worldwide 24X7
  Provide convenient payment choices
  Enjoy time to market with minimal setup
  Enjoy productivity and costs savings
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